Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy 2010 all! I'm happy to say that these are the first words written on my blog in the year twenty-ten. This is a big deal to me. Don't ask me why, things like that just are. Haha. So anyway, hope you all enjoyed the poem I spent an hour typing out of an old book with my brother sitting on the couch talking to his games, my mom chasing Maggie, my brother in law thinking he's gonna get killed by my dad for bringing home a new dog the week before, and my dad and sister Sarah discussing movies that only they would see. All the while my sister Allie was absent from the anual Doss New Years Extravaganza (that was not spelled right...) and probably on her face before the Lord in.... I forgot what state! Anyway, go sis! (P.S. You missed country fried stake two nights before... :p)

Point is, new years is incredibly loud around here, as you might have guessed. But this year God put something on my heart last night. And I feel that I should share.

Last night while reading statuses on Facebook I realized that every teenager, child, preteen, and adult looks forward to the moment the year jumps up one. And, being raised in the family I was, I started thinking about why everyone (including myself) looks forward to a simple number changing. I mean I understood why we were all excited to get out of 2009, but I wondered WHY everyone got all in a bundle for the next year and vowed for it to be diffferant, then the next year they do the same. My point is, I wondered why it was like a process. I'M NOT MAKING ANY SENCE HERE! Are you understanding... Am I making any sence??  No.... You'll understand by the end of this blog... Hopefully.

But I think we all have differant reasons for the year not being the way we'd hoped, and statused (Is that even a word?) about. MY reasons are always either 1. I make a lousy promise to God and to myself or 2. I just don't do anything to make the new year better! And I think that allot of us have those two problems with the new year. Some peoples might be differant, but I know allot of people that have the same problems as myself.

So I say we (or atleast myself) do something about it! Instead of just assuming that the year is going to be better because a number went one up, I'm gonna actually try to make it better. Are you with me?! Oh, how could you do that? Well I have a couple ideas that I'm going to do myself. Here's the chalange...

First, read your Bible more. Yes yes, I know you say you're going to do that every year. But this time, actually do it. Otherwise... You'll have a heck of a time trying to do the rest.

Second, fix that friendship that has just totally crashed and burned this last year. I know, it seems impossible! And you're probably like "But you don't know what they've done to me!". And you're right, I don't. But I know that God says to forgive each other over and over and OVER again. So do it! Don't be scared. If it takes all year to do it, then do it. And even if you wont and don't want to have the same relationship as before, it doesn't matter. Because it doesn't have to be as close as before. Just fix it. Nail it together, sand it down, and sit on it.

Third, befriend your parents. I warn you, don't skip this. In the future it'll save you allot of heartache, pain, missing out, and pretty much everything you think they cause. But the fact is that they don't cause any of it themselves. These past 3 weeks I've been working on this with my mom and it's absolutly paid off. I don't care what you think about your parents. You don't have to be buddy buddy if you don't want to. Just shape up your relationship so there's not tension in the room when your together.

 I probably just lost allot of you with that last one... Sorry guys.

Forth, start at least trying to change your mind set. If your always negative (like me) then try to start thinking a little more on the bright side. But this will probably just fall into place as you read your Bible and spend time with God. So I wouldn't fret too much about it.

Fith, last thing to do. Do that one thing you've always wanted to do. Like ALWAYS wanted to do. Write a song, take up an instrument, write poetry, write a book. Of course, these are only a few thing that you could possibly do. I believe that theres something that every single one of us have hidden in their heart that we've locked up. Do that one thing that's hidden.

     Once again, I'm doing all these things too. And if you feel like doing it with me, by all means, join me. :)

And that brings us to new years resolutions. Either you love them and they're virtue to you or you hate them. My opinion in that is that they usually don't go through too well. They never end up getting achived. I have had personal experiance with them. They don't work. However, I like goals... Am I making no sence again?? Sorry guys. So, I'm going to have a GOAL for the year. Ok ok, it's kinda like a resolution. My goal for this year (Which is also my fifth thing to do to make the year great.) is to finish my book and start trying to get it published. As you all know I had a run-in with a horrible problem and had to start rewriting the whole first plot of the first book. Talk about nail biting. So, my goal is to finish it. What is yours?

Anyways, that's all! I hope you at least think about the "things to do to make this next year better" thingy. Ha.

I love you all. Have a very happy new year, :)