Monday, July 19, 2010

July Vibes

     Before I get to my extremely short post (I promise... It shall be short) let me say this... Happy July! The sun is shining, the air is humid, and my curly hair is positively running wild! Oh happy days.

     Today I'm going to talk just a LITTLE bit about one of the main things I concentrate on while writing- The vibe. I'm sure all of you have heard me say stuff about a vibe to one of my books and how this book has this vibe, and that book has that vibe, and yada yada yada. But the truth is that no matter how much I over exaggerate something, the vibe I give my book is ridiculously important. I'm not a professional but I do know one thing: It creates the book.

     My books alway start with two things.

1. An idea. It could be something as small as a lyric, a word, a landscape, an item... Anything. For example, Sweet Melodies (a side project book. Which is really fun to write, BTW.) was inspired by the maze behind the Governors Palace in Williamsburg. Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.

2. The vibe the idea gives off. Example, to me the maze seemed to have a sad feeling. Like it had seen and heard things in the past too astonishing to keep quiet, and too heart breaking to tell. Then as I traveled deeper into the maze it seemed to get darker. My mind was going crazy by now. The bushes were thick, the sunshine broke threw the cracks causing rays of light across the dirt path... It was mystical. When I reached the middle of the maze there was a little slab of bricks, making a small solid, square, blank area. And that's when I pictured this girl, this slim, tall, black haired, scene looking girl sitting in a corner of the square, on the ground, with her head down, playing a guitar. And not just any guitar. A black electric acoustic guitar with cream trim. And then I realized that she wasn't happy or content or satisfied. She was frustrated and confused and sad... And crying. And that's what I played off of. I immediately took pictures and though. Not only though, meditated. And then a book was born. Theirs just something about a maze. It's so mysterious.

    You should notice one thing about this whole scenario. And that is all these things happened off of one thing, a vibe. A FEELING. I could have just pictured the maze as a happy, romantic, sunny place and picture some lovely lovebirds in the center instead. But no, I ran with what the maze said to me and listened to every word it uttered. Maybe I'm just a depressed person.

And so ends this little peak into the mind of Thea.