Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Mystery Of The Disappearing Truths...

No doubt my amazing tittle has already drawn you in and unleashed your little braincells to run the track of curiosity.

Probably not...

But one thing it probably has done is give you a hint on what this particular post (and many to come...) are about. Through out the next couple weeks I'm going to post a couple of post about missing truths. Wether moral or spiritual, it may differ. But one things sure, there will be stories behind all of them. So, may we begin?

I'm going to start off with something cliché. Perhaps the MOST cliche I could have picked, but true nonetheless.

I have recently discovered an author which has an interesting story. She definitely not a new author, she actually a veteran in the novel business. Meg Cabbot.

Meg Cabbot has been writing all her life and has come out with tuns of novels, including the Princess Diaries series. She once even wrote a novel in 10 days right after 9/11 (which she and her husband witnessed [like so many other authors] from her office) and now writes on a laptop in her bed as apposed to a desktop in an office. Many other authors simply stopped writing after witnessing it. But one of the most amazing things about her and the thing I most admire IS her husband and her. They've been married for quite some time. He supports her, she supports him. How much more perfect can you get? Want to know something even more amazing? She didn't even have a formal wedding. Her husband and her got married in Italy on an elopement of such. I say "Of such" because they were engaged already (which the parents new about) and they told their parents right after the wedding. She didn't even have a dress. And yet they are still married and she is still happy and doesn't even care there was no grand gathering other than all the small towns people.

Now, compare THAT with the expectations of teen girls now. Everyone wants to live a fairytale. Even me... I have too romantic and flowy of a mind set... EHEM! But I think the world has totally missed the point of a marriage. Now, I know NOTHING of marriage, so I'm not going to talk specifically on that. But I do know quite a bit on the reasons and what NOT to expect in one and what not to expect in a relationship, period.

So I come to the disappearing truth of post #1-

The person you end up with should be your best friend, not the hottest guy you've met. Don't daydream about marrying/dating the guy whom gives you the biggest diamond ring. Daydream about marrying/dating the guy with the biggest heart. And it doesn't matter if you get that fancy wedding in the future or not. That's not the point of a wedding or marrying someone at all.

Glad we had this talk. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

S.S.S... Super Scary Sunday.

     You know, I always forget why I hate auditions so much until I actually sigh up for one. Unless you've been to one, you don't know the feeling. Some people aren't scared of them, though. Some people are just totally chill and can balance and do everything they can normally do in class during said audition. Then some people, such as myself, dread even the though of dancing in from of a bunch of instructors whom have the most tariffing poker faces... No joke.

     Every year I wait for Company auditions, and every year I freak out. It's worse than the first performance in a show. Which I freak out before. I might be a performer, but I get terrible stage fright. I run around the house getting ready with this blank look on my face that says nothing and fear all at the same time. I swear I'm three shades lighter right now. And even worse, my hair is refusing to go into a suitable bun. I'm making this blog to give me something else to do other than pace my room until it's time to go and face my destiny. Even Soundtrack music isn't calming me down. My nerves are in a jumble and it's becoming hard to breath. The only thing I can do it pray for clarity and a spirit of peace. Please pray for me also.