Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Between Time

    Only two days ago was one of the most anticipated days out of 365 in a year.


Even the sheer word of it greats in most a feeling of extreme joy, happiness, and contentment. It's the day that kids and teens alike store up in there memory and count down the days till. I will admit I was one of those kids which in the middle of the summer would see something I wanted and go, "Oooooo. I'll ask for that for Christmas." And as I've gotten older, the excitement of the Christmas season hasn't changed much. The lights, the sound, (and yes,) the snow... It's hard to believe that it's already over. There was waiting, feasting, chatting, unwrapping, curclacking, shurlacking, mushtaking... You get the gist. But, within 48 hours the excitement was over. How depressing.

But as everyone finds out, when one thing ends, another takes its place. And right after Christmas comes New Years. And a little after New Years comes Valentines day. But in-between Christmas and New Years Eve is a span of 7 days in which nothing happens. It's just utter.... Boredom, free time, loneliness... Pick a word. But the bottom line is that you have nothing but time to do whatever you so choose to do. Over the years I have named this and it's sort of become a Holiday of it's own in my heart. Everyone, please become acquainted with- The Between Time.

Let's just go ahead and admit to ourselves that when we have an abundance of time on our hands and nothing to do with it (unless you're a guy...), we think allot. Too much. There's no school, very few friends, and too much time to think. That's The Between Time. It's when you consider things you'd never consider and think about changing certain areas of your life. It's when you let your dreams break through your ordinary life.

So here is me saying, happy Between Time! May your mind wonder (but not too much) and your dreams break through.

I know my Blogs are very spaced out. And I'm sorry. I just have no time in my life for extra stuff. I already live 4 separate lives. My dance life, music life, book/writing life, and school life. It's a taught world. So I'll also leave you with happy new year! Don't forget to celebrate with friends, drink some Sparkling Apple Cider, and kiss your hubby when the clock strikes twelve.

Love you all.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Once Upon This Sleepy Town...

So, what happened is that I wrote this in the car on the way to the beach on WORD and I TOTALLY forgot about it. We drove through a town in Alabama and the vibe it gave off (and the way I felt) immediately got my attention. So here ya go. 

I am writing to you all from approximately the left side of the middle seats in my van. The view is pleasant as we drive through the sleepy town of Eufala, Al. A town lost in time, you might say, seeming to await for the right time to awake… But that time never comes. Perhaps I should start at the begging of our journey, so you can better get why I’m here and where I’m headed.

 It started out as any other ordinary day, awoken to my moms voice, drug myself out of my raffled bed with the same swimmy headedness I have every morning. Except it wasn’t like every morning. I slowly changed my clothes to cut off shorts, my surfing shirt, a favorite boy-friend vest, and a bright orange bandana tied as a flip-sided headband over my head. In a “mammy” style of sorts.

I gracefully tumbled down the stairs in my usual fashion, and greeted my mother, grand parents, and sister. I must admit, it was too early for my loner self to surrender myself to family. But it didn’t matter, my mind was crisp as a piece of paper and I was ready to tackle this next adventure in front of me. Walking out to the garage I spotted my dad working his magic with the van. Skillfully placing every piece of our luggage in a distinct place, like a puzzle he had done many time before and succeeded. Which, we all knew, was the truth of it all, as my family can easily fill two cars with just our suite cases. Handing him Alice I noticed that my brother-in-law and sister number two had arrived with two other family members- their two little Yorkies, Haley and Oliver. The whole family was now together for one sole event, the beach. A little beach house we had rented for 5 days of bliss. In the words of sister number one, “’Vacation’ is a foreign word to the Doss family.” So true.

Approximately 30 minutes later my mother, grand parents, dogs (Precious, Maggie, Haley, and Oliver), sisters, and brother-in-law all piled into the two suppurate cars bound for the beach and waved goodbye to my daddy and brother (of which were suppose to meet us at the beach at approximately 5:00 in the morning.)

Then we were off! I was then stuck in the car for an 8-hour drive. Superb. We grabbed Starbucks alone the way (because nobody was very thrilled to be in the car this early), and got on the highway. I immediately threw my head phones on (after pulling on a pair of pure white knee socks, as is customary for my car travels.), turned up the already-loud volume, and let the blissful, serene sound of Owl City, Cady Groves, Chase Coy, and Sky Sailing run through my body and influence my dreamy thoughts as I looked out the window. During this I notice the clouds. They had a wispy, wistful curve to their thin figure. Pure white against the clear blue sky. And then I was lost in though and did not submerge until lunch.

 After a few hours of reading my new book, listening to music, and trying to keep my dog of my shoulders, we ended up in this small town. A pure southern town, it is. I currently put down my book, picked up my computer, and allowed Cady Groves folky voice to run through my headphones. (If ever there was a soundtrack for this town, it is definitely Cady Groves’ first EP, “A Month Of Sundays”.) The town seems a bit tired and sad compared to the city life I’ve always loved, but at the same time completely perfect in the bring sun and warm breeze. A simple picture of serene ambience.