Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello All!

hey guys! First blog entry! Woot!... Ok I'm done. Anyway, this is my blog. Please do read it whenever you have the time. :)

Anyway, the reason I've made this whole blog thing is because well, I love to write. And whenever I have a random thought that i just really want mostly everyone know about, my statuses become incredibly long. Haha. So I figured this was the best way to get my litterary longings out in the open.

Ok, I half lied. That isn't the ONLY reason I made this blog. I also figured this was the best way to talk about, poll about, and post teasers for my books. Pretty cool, huh? ;)

So stay tuned and don't be afraid to comment! Everything helps.

Hope you like this, Thea <3

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