Sunday, April 18, 2010

S.S.S... Super Scary Sunday.

     You know, I always forget why I hate auditions so much until I actually sigh up for one. Unless you've been to one, you don't know the feeling. Some people aren't scared of them, though. Some people are just totally chill and can balance and do everything they can normally do in class during said audition. Then some people, such as myself, dread even the though of dancing in from of a bunch of instructors whom have the most tariffing poker faces... No joke.

     Every year I wait for Company auditions, and every year I freak out. It's worse than the first performance in a show. Which I freak out before. I might be a performer, but I get terrible stage fright. I run around the house getting ready with this blank look on my face that says nothing and fear all at the same time. I swear I'm three shades lighter right now. And even worse, my hair is refusing to go into a suitable bun. I'm making this blog to give me something else to do other than pace my room until it's time to go and face my destiny. Even Soundtrack music isn't calming me down. My nerves are in a jumble and it's becoming hard to breath. The only thing I can do it pray for clarity and a spirit of peace. Please pray for me also.

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