Wednesday, June 2, 2010

La la la la la, Summers In The Air.

     It's that time of year again. Georgia summer has stretched it's arms over the state and engulfed us in a loving hug of heat and humidity. Normally, we would get sunny days with pools and sunscreen. But it seems as though since April didn't bring us showers, late May/June has brought it upon themselves to supply the much-not-needed showers. (I'm pretty sure we got all the rain we needed with the flood earlier this year...) It may be a perky, sunny day now but I'm predicting rain later on. (We've been getting rain every day. And clouds in the distance are not very reassuring of a wonderful day.) Don't get me wrong, I love the rain! I just also love the sun and what it does for us. (Team Vitamin D!)

    My summer officially started a couple days ago with the final curtain on the last Grande Finale of the year. My bones ached, my head hurt, and the callas on my foot had ripped off and started bleeding... I love pointe... But anyway, THAT ASIDE, it was a good show. Tarantella went well, lyrical dances were OK, Variations went well (I had just put origell on my toe so I couldn't feel it anymore at this point...) , Hello Seattle Remix was pretty awesome, and Grande Finale was pretty good. But I'm not going to lie about the flood of relief which cast it's self over me when the curtains shut. The stage may be my home but sometimes you need to get out of your house and take a stroll. It was definitely time for a nice LONG stroll for me. Since Sunday I've been sleeping in till 11:30 and not getting dressed in real clothes until I have to. (Which is a huge deal for me.) Summer dance classes start next week. I really haven't known what to do with myself this week. It's so weird not having dance classes to look forward to later on in the day.

   One of the many things I did to kick off my summer was go to Target. Yep, that's right, I went to Target on June 1st and got Alice In Wonderland. Only the greatest movie ever. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are genius. Right after purchasing this magnificent piece of merchandise, I was admiring it while riding home. And that is when I made the most fantastic discovery: 

PG: Parental Guidance Suggested: For Fantasy Action/Violence Involving Scary Impages And Situations, And For A Smoking Caterpillar.

You tell me how awesome that is. I started laughing ridiculously hard right there on the spot. But this piece of awesomeness isn't the only amazing this I purchased at the glorious Target. Nay. I also now own Brisingr. I refused to rent it from the library...

Speaking of books!!

I Just finished reading a great book. Quite ingeniously written. Goes by the name Piratica. Odd tittle, I know. Just check it out.

Well, there is so much more I would love to tell you, my lovely readers. But I must eat lunch.

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