Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Between Time

    Only two days ago was one of the most anticipated days out of 365 in a year.


Even the sheer word of it greats in most a feeling of extreme joy, happiness, and contentment. It's the day that kids and teens alike store up in there memory and count down the days till. I will admit I was one of those kids which in the middle of the summer would see something I wanted and go, "Oooooo. I'll ask for that for Christmas." And as I've gotten older, the excitement of the Christmas season hasn't changed much. The lights, the sound, (and yes,) the snow... It's hard to believe that it's already over. There was waiting, feasting, chatting, unwrapping, curclacking, shurlacking, mushtaking... You get the gist. But, within 48 hours the excitement was over. How depressing.

But as everyone finds out, when one thing ends, another takes its place. And right after Christmas comes New Years. And a little after New Years comes Valentines day. But in-between Christmas and New Years Eve is a span of 7 days in which nothing happens. It's just utter.... Boredom, free time, loneliness... Pick a word. But the bottom line is that you have nothing but time to do whatever you so choose to do. Over the years I have named this and it's sort of become a Holiday of it's own in my heart. Everyone, please become acquainted with- The Between Time.

Let's just go ahead and admit to ourselves that when we have an abundance of time on our hands and nothing to do with it (unless you're a guy...), we think allot. Too much. There's no school, very few friends, and too much time to think. That's The Between Time. It's when you consider things you'd never consider and think about changing certain areas of your life. It's when you let your dreams break through your ordinary life.

So here is me saying, happy Between Time! May your mind wonder (but not too much) and your dreams break through.

I know my Blogs are very spaced out. And I'm sorry. I just have no time in my life for extra stuff. I already live 4 separate lives. My dance life, music life, book/writing life, and school life. It's a taught world. So I'll also leave you with happy new year! Don't forget to celebrate with friends, drink some Sparkling Apple Cider, and kiss your hubby when the clock strikes twelve.

Love you all.

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