Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been around it a.... while. *Ehem* Life has been crazy with the Night Of Classical ballet coming up and the constant head aches I've been getting (turns out I might need glasses), I haven't felt much like sitting infront of a computer screne and typing. But today I decided I'd force myself to do so. and already i'm getting one of those foggy head aches. Great...

ANYWAY. Enough of my complaining. A quick update on life. i know I promised this blog would make sence, but that blog might have to wait.

Right now life is pretty much stressful in every sence of the word. But not in an unhappy/depressing way. It's just stressful. But I'm happy to say that I've gotten allot closer to God this week and have realized allot of spritiual things (Which would take too much explaining on here). I'm basically living off of tea, "This strawberry walked into a bar..." fuit bars, and these weird mint things my mom has sitting around. Sounds like I'm going to make a pretty great writer someday... Typical.

My book is going... Well I guess. Isabel is depressed and confused, Aarron is in the brig, and Matthew is just being plain annoying. Hopefully the first conversation between Aarron and Isabel will clear some of my ideas up. Although I don't think Matthew will shut up for a while. Oh, how I long to kill him off.

Oh well. I guess the only thing to do is to sit back, think, wait, and drink my tea. *Takes sip... Nothing* Darn.

Well I guess I'll talk to you all later. Litterature is calling. Grrr.

With pleanty of love and blessings,

Thea. <3

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