Monday, November 22, 2010

For This I Am Thankful...

   *Sighhhh.* Dare I be one of the cliche bloggers to post a Blog about being thankful? Due to Thanks Giving just around the corner. Or more... Staring into our faces. Because... It's only days away. Ehem.

So here are the traditions of the Doss family for Thanksgiving.

I wake up late and eat a lukewarm breakfast. Usually consisting of sausage. Then sit around like a vegetable watching the parade and being taunted my the smell of food. But these exciting events aren't what make Thanksgiving awesome for me. It's two things really. 1. The family actually all sitting at one table for a meal. And 2. The dishes my mom makes.

I could go very deep into the reason number one, but I will restrain myself.

As for number two... Every year since I could remember my mom has made certain dishes for Thanksgiving. A few of these are Smackin' Cheese (Haha), Anti-Giblet Gravy, Sweet Potato Casserole, and so much more.

I'll post again soon, but this was just a taste of some more blogs to come. I just wanted to post a little something as a "Sorry for not being around" message.

Thanks. :)

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