Monday, September 6, 2010

I Know A Girl...

I know a girl who has a different view on life. A wishful thinker I sometimes call her. Even though I claim to know her, the truth is that I'm the one who knows her best, and I still don't understand her. At least not fully. She changes so often, yet completely stays the same. Like the oceans tide (no matter how corny that might seem), wanting nothing to do wish reality and everything to do with somewhere most people don't see past the age of 10. A different world set in the same earth, yet a completely different perspective. This is the person I know. And, just maybe, I know only this, and that is not even the start to her person.

She seems to love people and friends, yet lives for those few moments of seclusion. Where the world seems to fade and slowly drift away... Leaving nothing but those thoughts and feelings which it so chooses to let her feel and think. Nobody to disturb her... No appointments which need to be met... Just simple.... Serene... Silence.

A pen and page are her escape of choice. If not that, then a guitar and pick. Getting lost in that one world which is yours can't compare to anything else. It's not that you make the rules, or don't have to fallow them. It's that their aren't any. If a pirate wants to find her own way, so be it. If a girl wants to fly, let it be so.

But one of the main things I KNOW about her is this- She thrives on loneliness. Separation is her happy place and beyond this world is her reality. Nothing will ever change that. Nobody knows why. She just seems to like the emptiness that void feels. Or maybe it isn't that the void is empty, but that it's full. Maybe loneliness turns on a bright light inside her where thoughts aren't limited and life isn't the same. Perhaps it changes things. Maybe she thrives on that single idea of being 23 and single. No man in her life, living alone and traveling whenever her heart yearns for it. Maybe her mind is the one place she can go where God, music, writing, and all else she cares for live as a whole. Where nobody can change that and influence action. Maybe loneliness IS her escape.

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