Monday, January 31, 2011


Excitement is brewing like a fresh pot of coffee... On steroids...

This month was a giant mix of feelings. And being a girl, my emotions drive allot of what I do and act. I try to resist them becoming the road map by which I fallow, but a lot of times that falls through. But!

Things are finally starting to look up! What fun.

I figure the best way to educate you (without over whelming) in what has been going on in my life is to answer the forever-there questions- Who? What? When? Where? and Why?

Who- This month it's been mostly God and I conversing for the most part. And it's been very wonderful. What better best friend than God? Yes, I've been seeing friends, but this month has been a month of solitude for me. Deep thinking, you could say.

What- Music. Lots and lots of music. Abundant amounts of music. Music fills my brain and reaches to the far corners where I hide memories, dragging them out. Put that way, it might not seem all too pleasant. But, trust me, it is. This month I really tried to concentrate on finishing songs and preparing them for recording. I made a list, marked off which ones were done, and finished the ones which weren't. Now I'm in the midst of choosing songs for an EP or, quite possibly, an Album. Exciting (and nerve racking) stuff, and I never go a day without thinking about what it will look like once finished. My life wont change all that much, but it might at least start the process. And to just finish off my music paragraph, I'm in the midst of building a recording studio/music room in my basement. Oh what fun.

AND, also writing. Writing is my "escape" from music. Or, my escape from my escape from life. Everybody need an escape from their escape, right? But oh, if only blogging was considered my literature and music theory considered my math. Then the world will be turning in the right direction.

When- I really can't answer this nor understand what it applies to in my life right now, so I'll just skip it.

Where- This month I got some very exciting news. Some news which will make some jealous and some spiteful. I will not give specifics as of now, but I am going somewhere very exciting. It's about a 2 hour drive, 3 hour wait, and 9 hour flight away. My heart is fluttering just thinking about this trip.

Why- Why am I telling you all this? Why, because your my willing eyes! And I feel like I needed to repay you all with a glimpse into my January. Which, due to the weather being 70 yesterday, I'm not calling June-uary.

And there goes my brother playing drums and messing up my train of thought. Joy.

Before I leave off I must applaud you all for braving this far into the Blog. I know, I'm not the most interesting person, but I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't writing words, and in turn, knowing that their are people like you to read them. So, thank you.

And if you are a fan of my Facebook page for my music, than thank you all the more! It's so much appreciated, you have no idea. And for those of you who would like to get in on this appreciation, go to this link and hit the "Like" button and be as cool as all those other people. I'll be putting some more stuff up very soon. Pinky-promise.

Sorry if I bored you all to death, I just felt like I needed to write. Yes, needed.

Until next time, all you lovely people. 

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